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Social Services

Served social service agencies in a variety of capacities (Listed in alphabetical order.)

The Center OC [aka The Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center of Orange County] (Garden Grove, CA) a 501(c)3 Social Services Agency

Interim Executive Director

  • Created a diverse revenue stream that allowed the agency to survive when Orange County filed Bankruptcy which previously the agency was 90% dependent on

  • Took organization from $400K budget per year to a $1 million agency in 4 months

  • Launched major new services, including first-ever outreach for Women’s Health

  • Re-conceived and re-launched Mental Health programs allowing services to be available for 75% more patients while structured as a break-even cost model allowing agency resources to be focused in other areas

  • Merged and expanded AIDS, Social Service and Educational Outreach Programming saving $75K/yr

  • Launched public relations program raising agency profile while introducing a new logo and brand

St. Thomas the Apostle (Hollywood, CA) a 501(c)3 Church

  • Treasurer & Member of the Vestry 2007-2012

  • Treasurer & Member of Endowment Board 2007-2015

  • Manage and led all fundraising programs

  • Deliver and maintain balanced budgets in every year as Treasurer despite significant downward funding each year during Great Recession

  • Established Reserve Fund

  • Served on Endowment Board overseeing an average 6.5% return during the Great Recession while distributing 4%. Helped grow Endowment 15% during tenure with commitments for an additional 135% growth in future bequests

  • Raised funding and oversaw construction of largest capital improvement project in 25 years.

  • Led public relations outreach including hands-on management of social media

  • Established Governance policy and committee structure

  • Lead annual Vestry (Board) retreat establishing annual strategic goals

  • Editor weekly eNews

  • Supervise all financial and operational activity

  • Co-chair Stewardship 2002 & 2003 campaigns resulting in the most funds ever raised in Parish history (to that time)

  • Secured first ever grant funding.  Grant is particularly notable as funding is the only grant ever from this Government Agency to a faith-based institution. $125K to date has benefited the Church

  • Member of the Finance Committee, 2004 - 2007

St. Mark's Episcopal Church (Southborough, MA) a 501(c)3 Church

  • Member of the Vestry 2021-2022

  • Help establish Communications plan for Capital Tower project, a $700K project

  • Led Stewardship during COVID recovery

The Safe Place for Pediatric AIDS (N Hollywood, CA) a 501(c)3 Social Service Agency

  • Regularly led Board retreats establishing vision, mission and strategic goals

  • Grant writer for three years

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