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Real Estate

Extensive hands-on experience in leasing, purchasing, renovating and selling both commercial and residential real-estate.  (Listed in alphabetical order.)


Boston Gay Men's Chorus (Boston, MA) Arts & Entertainment, Non-for-Profit

  • Executive Director

  • Negotiated three office leases

  • Identified multiple performing venues, negotiated agreements 

  • Directed build-outs of new office space


Cinergi Service Inc. (Santa Monica, CA) Real Estate, Gaming Investment, Media

  • Vice President Accounting & Administration

  • Orchestrated all facilities management

  • Negotiated five leases from 1,500 sq. feet to 35,000 sq. feet

  • Directed build-outs of two sites, including design, construction and relocation

Clybourn Investments, Inc. (Burbank, CA) Real Estate Investment

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Identified, negotiated purchase of property

  • Directed site design (3 separate design teams in 9 months)

  • Supervised initial construction of purchased property

  • Interfaced with City of Burbank to obtain necessary permits and approvals. Design team unable to comply with City requirements and Principal determined best strategic move was to sell property

  • Negotiated sale of property at 14% return


Harrington-Phillips Funding Corporation (Beverly Hills, CA)  Mortgage Broker

  • Created Business Plan and extensive financial models

  • Financial analysis and forecasting on monthly basis for commercial and residential loan products


IntelliVentures, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) The world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of specialty videotapes in the marine and boating industry

  • Chief Financial Officer & General Manager

  • Negotiated exit from lease with transition to approved sub-lessor

  • Facilitated relocation of office, including build-out and transition with zero business down time

Investment Projects (CA, NM, NJ, MA)

  • Target commercial and residential properties for purchase development and sale

  • Analysis and forecasting on identified properties for ROI

  • Liaison with real estate agent(s), mortgage broker(s) and banker(s) to close deals

  • Supervised build-out of properties, including design & construction to meet all City requirements on time and on budget

  • Residential & Commercial


M[TECH] (Santa Monica, CA) Technology Marketing Firm

  • Comptroller

  • Worked with an executive team from two corporate parent companies to identify appropriate space that met the technological requirements of the business and the brand requirement from corporate owners

  • Supervised build-out of high-tech facility where battery backup capability was established for facility for 7 days, requiring structural and electrical customizing of Class A High Rise building in Santa Monica, CA

  • Facilitated transition to office including managing all incoming telephone lines for 10 top tier radio stations and their contests with zero business down time


New Light Media (Palm Springs, CA) a 501(c)3 Public Benefit Corporation

  • Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

  • Negotiated lease for office spaces in Denver, CO, Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA

  • Managed 4 office moves in 3 years for organization


The Testing Group / Intellikey Labs, Inc. (Glendale, CA) Quality Assurance

  • Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer

  • Identified, negotiated lease at a 75% savings 

  • Point of contact with Landlord on all day-to-day issues

  • Developed and implemented state-of-the-art biometric security systems

  • Directed build-out of leased site: design, construction and relocation with zero down time for a 24-hour high-tech facility

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