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Fiinancial executive with comprehensive analytical and strategic skills


  • Profit & Loss management

  • Budgeting (Capital, Operational, Short-term, Long-term)

  • Management of Variances

  • Cash Flow Analysis, Reporting & Management

  • Develop and manage Internal Controls

  • Negotiate lines of credit and other funding opportunities

  • Manage personnel and payroll in fifty states and six countries, including necessary IRS filings

  • Conduct and manage tax reporting, interface with outside lawyers, accountants

  • Create, compile and supervise all schedules, analysis and statistics for internal and external audits

  • Advanced modeling and forecasting with large, complex datasets

  • Forensic Accounting Specialist

  • Capital investments & ROI Accountability

  • Consolidate reporting across multiple corporate entities and jurisdictions [International as well as multiple US States]

  • Analyze and report complex information so that it is understandable to diverse constituencies such as investors, analysts, as well as lay persons

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