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A savvy media executive with extensive experience in film, documentaries, television, publishing, radio, internet  (Listed in alphabetical order.)


Blogger - weekly author of political blog Craig's Corner 2010-2016 


Carolco Service Inc (W Hollywood, CA) Film Production Company

  • Accounts Payable Manager

    • Brought 6 months of past due billings current in 3 weeks

    • Established and instituted regular payment processes and procedures

  • Director of Cash Management

    • Managed, reconciled, balanced 100+ unique bank accounts with multiple financial institutions in 5 countries

    • Facilitated funding of 4 concurrent film productions

    • Analyzed and reported on Hungarian Distribution Division


Cinergi Service Inc (Santa Monica, CA) Real Estate, Gaming Investment, Media

  • Vice President Accounting & Administration

  • Responsible for all operations, finance for an international, multifaceted business with twenty-nine global companies whose interests were in real estate, art, gaming and films

  • Managed assets in excess of $250 million

  • Participated in the negotiating of three lines of credit, totaling over $125 million

  • Developed and prepared consolidated monthly financial statements of twenty-nine global entities for executive management and investors

  • Liaison with major film studios related to financial issues

  • Conducted all tax reporting, interfacing with third party professionals (lawyers, accountants, auditors)

  • Managed personnel and payroll for twenty-nine companies, over 400 employees in five states and six countries, including necessary IRS filings.

  • Handled all employee hiring, terminations and conflict resolution

  • Designed and implemented employee manuals (conforming to California laws regarding safety and health issues), benefits packages (including holidays, insurance, flex-time, etc.)

  • Media spokesperson for all corporate issues, ranging from finance prospectus to handling sensitive strategic issues

HERO Magazine (Los Angeles, CA) Specialty Magazine

  • Recruited to developed Business Plan to save magazine with no available resources

  • Wrote business plan and interfaced with investors to extend magazine life for 6 months

  • Managed bankruptcy proceedings and orderly liquidation of assets


IntelliVentures (Los Angeles, CA) The world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of specialty videotapes in the marine and boating industry

  • Chief Financial Officer & General Manager

  • Developed and implemented strategic innovations, operational and financial initiatives, new technological systems

  • Contract negotiation and development of relevant business deals

  • Prepared and led company through acquisition transitions

  • Launched 3 websites:;;

  • Managed day-to-day operations, including Customer Service, Production, and Fulfillment

  • Managed all royalty reporting, developing and implementing new systems to track and report

  • Orchestrated buy-out of company from principal debtor allowing for a seamless exit strategy for President

New Gaelic Films, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) Film Production Company

  • Executive Vice President / Chief Financial Officer

  • Launched a film company that produced a feature length film (“Skin Art”) that successfully premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and obtained world-wide distribution

  • Negotiated all contracts and agreements for pre-production through distribution

  • Secured start-up capital and film financing for production and effected deals for 8 projects to be put into active development

  • Managed all day-to-day finance, administration and operational responsibility

New Light Media (Palm Springs, CA) a 501(c)3 not-for-profit

  • Treasurer & General Manager

  • Strategic planning in television and film distribution

  • Donor and investor relations

  • Launch of consumer products and book publishing

  • Developed and oversaw internet strategy

  • Created, supervised and maintained internal control structures, financial policies and administrative policies and procedures

  • Took organization from zero funding to an annual budget high of $500,000 in 18 months

Producer / Executive Producer - please see Filmography

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